Are you looking to live a higher quality life full of happiness and joy?

Are you searching for your life purpose and meaning? Are you looking to expand your spiritual growth and psychic abilities? Are you stuck in repeating patterns or limiting beliefs and want help moving through them and in releasing emotional blocks?  If any of these resonate with you, my services can help you navigate these spiritual growth challenges.

Through a combination of intuitive and psychic abilities, oracle cards and channeled guidance, I will connect with Divine guidance and wisdom as well as your personal spirit guides, in order to bring through messages and guidance to help you become empowered to move through any obstacles obscuring your path and move towards finding joy, meaning and fulfillment and your best life path and life purpose.


Would you like to more deeply understand your life, relationships and experiences by learning where you came from, what you’ve experienced and mastered before and what your soul wishes for this lifetime?  Would you like to bring healing to patterns that have extended throughout this lifetime and beyond?  Would you like to have freedom from these patterns?  Would you like to activate spiritual gifts, skills and mastery that you have already learned in previous lifetimes and carry within you now, to help you live a fuller more magical and awakened life in this lifetime? Then an Akashic Records Reading is for you!


Akashic Records readings are an in depth reading of personalized and channeled information directly from your Akashic Record, imparting information and wisdom that your higher self and guides wish to impart to you now to help deepen your awakening and spiritual connection and live your most fulfilled and joyful life journey.  This can include:

– Your Archangel lineage 

– What energy imprints you brought into this life and why

– What you are here to heal, learn and what spiritual gifts, skills and abilities you can bring through from past lives

   to serve you in this lifetime

– Your dominant spiritual abilities and gifts

– Information on your soul’s purpose for this lifetime

– How to step into your empowerment and embody your greatest light

– Exploration of current relationships, what patterns reside there, where they are coming from and how to heal


– Any patterns in your life ready to be healed and released and how to do this

– Personalized channeled and energetic message just for you


60 – 90 Minutes 





The Soul Expansion Transformational Mentorship is a an in depth and highly personalized program that will assist you in filling your life experience with more of your higher self soul energy, transforming your experience of physical reality and of your life journey.  You will be able to expand your awareness of your soul energy to fill your human incarnation and life and to integrate more of your higher self soul energy into your life, leading to living with greater connection to your source energy, and a more meaningful, more fulfilled and more joyful life experience.


You will receive deep one on one intuitive and channeled guidance, energetic transmissions and attunements, energy healing transmissions if needed and spiritual awakening and ascension personal coaching; helping you resolve and release personal struggles and restore balance as you move through your spiritual awakening process. All the while honing your spiritual gifts and divine connection leading to clarity of inner guidance and your own unique life purpose. You will find that your experience of reality will expand and shift in order to see your life path more clearly, see patterns as they come up and be able to release them and see gifts and beauty and abundance where you previously saw struggle and lack.


Coaching will consist of one on one sessions via zoom with six biweekly meetings of approximately 1 hour each. In addition there are weekly email check ins and supporting tools as we progress along your integration journey.  



In addition to the personalized info you will be learning how to:


– Shift your energy to live a more joyous and fulfilling life

– Find limiting patterns and beliefs and more importantly how to release and move beyond them

– Find your authentic voice and self and live and create from this reentered perspective

– Reintegrate more of your soul’s energy and perspective to help you live a more balanced and loving life in flow    

  and abundance

– Deepen your connection to your higher self, soul and Divine Source Energy

– Awaken and deepen your spiritual abilities and magical nature

– Find your joy and passion 

– Set your self free and live life from and filled with your Soul’s perspective knowing you are Divinely beautiful,    

  magical, a miracle, abundant and joyful




Do you want answers and guidance from Divine Energy, your guides, angels and higher self? This Comprehensive reading is one hour of Divine guidance comprised of a blend of personalized channeled messages, intuitive information, multidimensional mediumship and oracle card readings. All based on the guidance of your higher self, your guides and Divine Universal Energy.




I will telepathically and intuitively connect with your animal in order for you to know your animals voice and needs to build a happier and smoother running household.  I am also a medium and can connect with your passed animals to bring through messages, love and closure.  Please be ready to email a photo of your pet and give some basic information about them. Instructions will be given during the booking process.

$155                          BOOK NOW 


I will telepathically and intuitively connect with your animal for one to two questions.  Please be ready to email a photo of your pet and give some basic information about them. Instructions will be given during the booking process. 





really enjoyed Lisa’s reading, both for the wonderful and relevant information she provided, but also because she’s a genuinely enjoyable person to talk with. I will definitely call on her again in the future!!

Megan R.

Lisa is such a beautiful light & amazing soul! I am grateful to share this journey with her & for her readings that are always spot on! I love the way she puts things into perspective in that we may not always get what we want but we definitely receive what we need. I highly recommend her!

Danielle L.

Honestly, there is nothing I wouldn’t recommend about Lisa! She gives such clear and accurate guidance and her advice is so practical that I’m even astonished the things she receives. She’s a beautiful soul and definitely worth your time to check out.

Christian C.