A Channeled Message

We are one with you and thus of course always with you. Each of you have a team of energies working with you working on your behalf when you request it assisting in ways you set up before you incarnated on Earth. We are always with you and are embedded, entangled in your energies and thus you have easy and constant access to us. When you encounter awareness of our presence it will feel like love, elation and love, for that is what we hold for one another. There is not a linearity in beingness so this is the best we can explain the relationship of your Divine soul team.

We are here to help guide you, catalyze you and trigger your remembrance as you navigate this human life and we have been with you for many lives.

You find us in your dreams, in meditation and some in waking states when you set the intention to be connected with us. It sounds simple, some are thinking too simple and too subtle to be truth. We are aware that humans are conditioned to think that effort must be involved, linear steps of effort in order to get somewhere important. However we are here to help you remember that this is not truth. Intention is how you traverse your experiences. Intention, awareness and vibrations bring in and move out experiences of wanted and unwanted energies. It will feel subtle at first compared to the reality you are used to being aware of, this is good. It will gently come upon you in order to ease you into awareness. You simply need only set your attention and be in relaxed stages of acceptance and receiving. This is how you come into awareness of your Divine Soul guidance team. We a collective of your guides and are looking forward to the reengagement of our energies and to further working with you.
Thank you