Why Do We Struggle? – A Channeled Message

Yes, we are happy to convene with you all in this manner and happy to shed some light on this subject of struggle.

Struggles are thought of as nefarious from the human perspective, generally.  However this is not the case from a higher and broader perspective. Struggles help you grow, expand and broaden your egoic perspectives which helps the soul’s growth.

However struggles can be maneuvered through with more ease and joy and even moved through more quickly, once you are embodying this higher perspective.  This does not mean that struggles will never come before you again in this life. Rather, it means that your perspective and thus your experience of struggles can and will be shifted by shifting your perspective a bit in the first place

Letting go of the control, which you do not have much of from the ego perspective anyway, helps.  This helps move you toward the natural flow of universal energies, which moves you more quickly through these experiences you see as struggle.  Letting go of control, surrender to the higher source energy perspective and letting go of the need to know why in every struggle, letting go of the need to know what is around every corner.  When you release these and replace them with faith and trust that all is truly here for your benefit you will expirence more ease.  Yes, you will experience pain, but you will not get stuck in pain as this perspective helps it wash through you and guide you as pain was always meant to do.  You were never meant to live in struggle, stress or pain, simply to be guided by it as you are also guided by peace, joy and love.    

When you insist on holding on to control illusions, and know why and when all things will happen, you live in an energy of resistance and are going upstream from the universal flow.  This experience can appear from your perspective as more struggles on your path however this is simply a guidance system gently urging you to release these tight holds of concepts that are not truly serving you.  Even in this path of learning, all is for your benefit and this path too is fine.  Relaxing into this experience called life is key.  For none of you are static beings having a static experience. Such an experience does not exist.  All is always evolving and always in the flow of universal energies.  How you experience these energies depends on how you embrace and embody theses concepts.  We leave you with this for now.  We thank you and urge you to recognize the benefit in all paths and all twists and turns in your experiences. With love, Aloha.