Aloha everyone!  Here is a channeled writing describing why spiritual beings do not need labels and why we as humans actually don’t have to identify with needs in quite the way we are used to doing.  I hope you enjoy.

Yes, beloved one – we are ALL – many multitude – with you. All varieties of beings. You know we don’t need labels, thank you. We are all one whether human, angel, “interdimensional” (yet we are all omindimensional). We are all love as are you. You are loved. You are supported. You are needed. Yet you are not need. You may have needs met for your physical form. This is good to move in this direction. Yet, the soul of who you are has no need. You are divine. You have everything. You are everything, therefore there can be no need, don’t you see?

Yes, it may feel like skipping a step to not first identify with needs. Yet you have always known on some level that need is not a truth. You identify with this so strongly that you were easily able to give to others. Yet over time this became an imbalance, which is fine, which is your path. You came to learn this, to feel this. And to then balance this with the energy of Pure and Divine Love. You will then go on to teach others that Divine love is healedness. To accept ourselves for who we are is to accept and know, integrate there are no missing parts, there is no brokenness. All of us are Divine love and the experiential life expression of this divine love. There is no such thing as need, no such thing as lack, no such thing as fear. There are only illusions of the experiential life expression. However, you chose to experience these for a time to expand your experience, learning, consciousness and to expand creation. Thank you.   Know, remember that these are meant to be experiences, yet only as a flow that washes right through you. Carrying away that which is not truth and leaving your physical form closer, with each wave, to Pure Divine Love. You are at your cores, all of you Pure Divine Love.  Feel this now. We transmit the energy of this truth to you now. If you wish to accept the energy of this truth, say yes. 

We love you. You are love. Aloha with love.