We commune today with a transmission of hope, faith and trust.  You no longer have to struggle.  All that is needed is a shift in perspective, inner dialogue and self treatment. Outer situations can remain the same. They are not in any way required to exist in any particular form in order for you each to release struggle and live in peace and joy. The response to outer circumstances is what then creates the next occurring circumstances. A shift in responses begins to shift resulting outer circumstances. The one who waits for outer circumstances to rearrange themselves in order to feel internal happiness will not only find themselves disappointed, they will find themselves waiting and waiting for those circumstances to rearrange to their liking. And in the rare case they do, this one will not find the inner tools of happiness quite developed yet in a way that sustains the momentary happiness they felt from the rearrangement of the outer circumstances.  

When happiness is first nurtured and developed independent of other circumstances, when gratitude is found in each and every moment of the adventure that is human life, then dear ones, then you have a strong internal foundation of happiness.

When you have gratitude for that which is in front of you, have hope of good things to come, have faith that the universe works for your benefit and let go and trust the process, you will then find your outer circumstances rapidly rearranging themselves to help you move along life with ease, flow and joy.  Yet all the while knowing that no matter what appears outside the window of your eyes, you still have the capacity and natural right and inclination to live in an internal state of peace, ease and joy!