We are sending out a transmission of healing and release if you so choose to accept it.  It is the end of your calendar year and the energetic portals are ripe for accepting and transmuting that which calls to be released. Thank the energies for their service along your hero’s journey of being a human, then release them and they will be transmuted back to divine love. This year you call 2018 has been a time of great transitioning awakening and releasing that which no longer serves.  Some of these releases you were a conscious participant in and others you had planned as your higher selves before you came here. These latter look more like struggles and losses.  And they brought pain and unwanted feelings from your perspectives. Please know they were indeed beautiful releases of that which no longer serves to make room for more Divine light to enter your energetic sphere.

2019 is the year that you will start to see the payoff, if you will. This light that you have all been integrating into your physical and energetic bodies will begin to take physical form in your lives in the coming year.  This will look like unexpected, yet wished for, good fortunes in all areas of your life, freedom to realize and remember the creators you all are and came here to be.  Rejoice as a great time is upon you now, you are on the precipice of a new consciousness permeating the collective on Earth. This is such a beautiful process and many coming across this are the leading wave of transition and have been transitioning and releasing what appears to present as their own individual struggles, yet in moving through these, releasing that which needs to be released and allowing for more light to be integrated, they are not only healing what seeks to be healed in their individual selves, they are also healing the collective at the same time.  Healing so the energies will be of higher vibrations for the next to awaken. You, dear lightworker, are healing the world around you as you heal and love yourself.  We thank you, we honor you and are in great awe of you for completing this work. Thank you a hui hou and aloha.