You are the embodiment of Divine Love. Each and everyone of you is an individual expression of Divine Love – expressing itself as an experience in this form, for the sake of expanding consciousness which is also the ever increasing of frequencies and vibrations. We each, on this side and on yours, have a unique soul light frequency and vibration and yet at the same time each of us is ever changing this frequency and vibration as we, the collective and the omniverse, the everything, the all, expands and raises awareness and consciousness. As your own individual awareness and consciousness expands and raises, you are then able to experience people, places, situation, beings and frequencies of experience that match and resonate in the sphere of your own frequency’s resonance. Everything is already there in your energetic sphere. You have only to expand your consciousness and thus frequency and vibration, in order to have your consciousness hold an awareness of it. This is how we all get to different experiences in the densified realms, as well as the the purely energetic realms. We send you awareness and expansions as a gift with this transmission, if you wish them. Yet understand we are only revealing that which is already in you and has always been and will always be within you. When you, dear souls who have willingly put blinders on in order to expand and grow rapidly, when you start to resonate with the frequency of the awareness of those truths, then, our cherished brave souls, you will never again underestimate, diminish nor hold yourselves in anything but a position of honor and awe, as we do. You hold the keys to the kingdom within your hearts. Look within dear ones and soar to new heights!