We are of the Hathor energy collective.  We wish to embark on a sound journey and a sound revolution with you.

Vibration is existence,  everything that exists does so in the form of a vibration. Uniqueness is express through unique vibration and frequency signatures. This is the language of the universe.  If you wish to change what messages you are sending to the universe, you change your frequency or vibratory rate.  Practically, this can be done from your perspective by changing thoughts, which in turn shift emotions, which are tied to the vibratory signature of each individual expression of divine energies. 

However this can be done in a myriad of ways. Simply shifting consciousness tuning will work and can be done, but generally this is not so directly done from the human perspective.  Sound entrainment can assist in this shift of consciousness.  You may use instruments or vocal emissions in order to resound frequencies that assist your energetic frequency signature to shift in the desired direction.  There is not a linear formula for this per say. The quickest route to mastery of this is to bypass the ego, let the thinking rational mind step aside and tone what feels good and happy to your heart. The same if you are resonating a crystal or other singing bowl or choosing a tuning fork or other instrument.  Get in the practice of intentionally not thinking about which would be best.  Get quiet, go inward and feel what feels best.  This bypasses the ego rational mind and operates your system from the heart’s direct connection to your soul. This soul guidance will swiftly guide you with increasing clarity the more you practice this.  This applies to any area of life experience.   

When you let your soul choose the vibrations of sound that you emit or play through instruments, these vibrations will be a great aid in entraining your own energetic frequency signature to shift more swiftly and with more ease into the signature that you wish at a soul level to morph into as you evolve.  We urge you each to not take this as a serious homework type project. But rather an exercise in fun and experimentation. There is no wrong. There is only play and getting closer to your souls desired energy frequency signature.