How to Transform Energies of Doubt into Joy and Vitality – A Channeled Message

Energies flow through you, energies abound yet still pockets of doubt lie within you. These can show up as resistance or even driving yourself and illustrations of lack of trust in the universe such as worry and concern over how to get forward or want will happen when you get there.  We invite you into a deeper level of trust, cooperation and true partnership with the universe now.  See the last pockets of doubt, worry, concern as they float away effortlessly from your physical and energetic body.  Feel the lightness of being that comes as the angels and dragons take these burdens and transmute the energies back to divine love right before your eyes. Energy is always circulating and the benefits of you freeing up energy that wasn’t being used is two fold, it allows that energy to be of service elsewhere and further it allows space in your energetic body. Where there is space there is attraction. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Fill your body and mind with joy, joy in thoughts.  Revel in movement, in taking in sunshine and nature. The space made within you will naturally fill with that which you desire on a soul level.  Now feel the peace in your heart as we gift you with these vibrations.  Aloha.