A Channeled Message

We are always connected and the time you perceive as apart is in actuality not. All is at once.  All exists in the now.

Healing takes place from the inside out rather than the current allopathic model of the outside in.  Medicines appear to be taken from the outside, then healings occur. This medicine is a prop for the mind to stimulate healing. This is initiated by belief. Healing is directed consciousness and directed relaxation, surrender and trust.  From the allopathic model this takes a leap of faith to move into quantum healing.  But all is at once. So at once your body is the pain or illness you perceive, yet it is also healed and whole.  It is simply a matter of which perspective you choose to view it from. Choose to view your body as healed and whole and this shifts your vibration and perspective to the one where your  body is already healed, whole and vibrant.  This will take practice for most, as it encompasses reconditioning of the belief systems first.  Belief that we need things outside of us to heal us.  The belief that in any moment we are not healed. Gradually soften your grip on these beliefs in order to vibrate to the perspective of healed.