Joy, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, is ecstatic happiness, to experience great pleasure or delight or even happiness in possessing what one desires. If you go to science it will describe how certain chemicals are produced in us, such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins that result in feelings of happiness. However, I urge you to redefine this a bit. Especially the part about joy is possessing what one desires.

To my understanding it is best to look at it from a more spiritual and broader perspective in order to get a more wholistic picture. To have true and lasting joy in our hearts is to have internal peace and happiness no matter what is going on outside the window of our eyeballs. We can strive for this as humans, having acceptance and peace when we can, and when we can’t, still accepting ourselves for having the human experience.

We came down here to experience being human. We have emotional bodies that interpret reality in a variety of ways resulting in a variety of reactions, chemicals and emotions. We came down here to experience all of that. Our souls wanted to experience, grow, learn and expand. It is just like a caterpillar transitioning into a butterfly that has to strengthen it’s wings by breaking out of its cocoon over time. If someone cuts the cocoon open in order to help the caterpillar, it’s wings will not be strong enough and it won’t survive. We souls come down here wrapped in a cocoon of ego. We expand and strengthen our soul light by breaking out of that cocoon of ego gradually over the course of our lives. Each individual has a different rate and path breaking out of the ego cocoon and each path is valid and good for that individual.

At some point in this evolution of breaking out of the cocoon of ego, we realize we would like to strive for being in the emotion of joy more. We may try to manipulate our outer circumstances trying to stay in joy, for a bit. Then we further realize that joy is a completely internal experience and when we are trying to manipulate our outside circumstances in order to feel joy inside we actually have it backwards. Doing this backwards can cause some frustration until such point that we realize that joy is actually being happy and peaceful inside no matter what is going on outside. It is vital to recognize that fear, angst, doubt and worry are only illusions. When you see these illusions for what they are, it is easier to consciously choose happiness. Look for the joy in spite of those illusions and choose the joy. This ironically generally changes our outer circumstances rapidly as well.

Joy is to live as a human while knowing that we are multidimensional beings having a human experience. We are eternal and are ultimately safe no matter what events are occurring in this 3D reality we are perceiving. From this place we can determine in each moment that which brings us joy.

From a place of internal peace and happiness we can better recognize an outer thing as joy because the frequency of that experience will resonate with the frequency of our true selves and this expresses itself in our bodies, minds and hearts as joy. It is an experience of being uplifted, invigorated and inspired. It moves us towards that which inspired the joy. If we follow this faithfully we will be traveling on our truest paths through this human experience, the path that resonates best with our soul and what it came here to do. This is here for us as a guidance system of our paths here on Earth. The most joyful way to live is, coming from a centered place, choose the path of joy, and release any attachment to the outcome. Repeat this process over and over each day, each moment. You will find yourself being propelled on your truest path and living in joy!