We wish for all of you to have peace in your minds and hearts.  There is nothing that can happen to you that is worthy of disrupting this peace.  Yet we understand completely that the perspective and learning you are in, prevents the seeing of this at times. Do not fret. Even when you do not hold peace in your minds and hearts, this is still a valuable part of your experiencing. Distinguishing that you do not enjoy this state is actually a very important step on the path to more consistent peace. You can accept and love the part of you that is not holding peace and at the same time hold a vision of yourself in a state of peace.  Though we know this may sound backwards to some, complete acceptance and love toward each emotional state you hold, is in actuality the shortest route to holding a higher vibratory rate of emotional states.  The highest vibratory rates of emotions in humans are those of joy and love. 

Find moments in your lives in each day, each hour, each minute, each moment that bring you even a glimpse of joy and love.  Hold on to these feelings.  The more you exercise this, the more it will amplify. The more you focus on and amplify these vibratory rates, the more of the things that bring these vibratory rates or emotional states will come into your experience 

We thank you. We hold so much love for you that you can not comprehend from your position. Yet, it is always there and you can access this anytime you wish. The energy of pure Divine unconditional love is sent to you in this message should you wish to receive. Our gift to you – yet it is always yours.  With love, Aloha.