We are the Hathors and wish to continue imparting knowledge via words and energies about your vibrational resonance and sound as a way to align and rearrange your own vibrations in order to look like healing.  The healed condition is always in your reality. It is simply a matter of vibrating to it.  This can be controlled by the consciousness. However, until this state is attained, one can assist with outer instruments that create sound vibrations. This reminds and reinvigorates the consciousness connection to the physical body innate and the healed stage is remembered. We are naturally healed and whole. This being our natural state is therefore our natural rate of vibration. We need not create this vibration from scratch so to speak, as it is already within us, already experienced by us. We simply need to remember that we are that vibration. 

Sound from outer instruments can help our egoic mind, patterns and beliefs be bypassed in order to call forward the pure consciousness that we are.  This consciousness, the purity and totality our of ourselves is aware of the natural healed vibration that we truly are and will come forth from within, with entrainment of this vibration gradually and sometimes swiftly transforming and transmuting the vibrations of our physical bodies into that which is wholeness and healed.  

The purest of these sounds comes from within, the voice. For the voice, when one gets out of one’s way, comes directly from the song of our soul. When we allow ourselves to channel our soul, it will sing it’s true note, it’s true song it’s true vibration and this will again entrain the physical body to vibrate to our truest and highest nature.  Of course other instruments, sound bowls, tuning forks, sounds in and of nature can all assist in this process. The most powerful, profound and immediate transformations will come from the souls song being expressed through the voice.