We are light. You are light in form. This in itself is a miracle. We have been with you to help you navigate this physical experience, the hero’s journey of human existence. We beseech you each to tune into the channel of light – Divine love and light. Connect to this often.  For truly, this is how you are fed, energized. We understand food is required at this point for the physical body. Yet we speak of the fuel for the energy body which also gives energy to your physical body. 

To keep your energy body running smoothly it is best to consistently, regularly connect to the light within, with Divine light and higher frequencies. Feed yourselves more light by taking in higher vibration foods, higher vibration messages in all forms, and commune with higher vibration beings and places. This constant contact with the higher frequencies helps “tune up” your energetic body and helps it move progressively closer to the harmonic resonance of love, Divine Love.