We are the Hathor’s and here to assist with matters of sound and vibration leading to form. The written word is form. All form is created by vibrations right now we are transmitting vibrations that are being received and translated into words, form. You too can create and do create via vibrations.  Many times you are very unaware of the vibrations you hold so we bring an awareness of this. The thoughts and emotions you create and then hold in your energetic or physical bodies can vibrate long after you have thought or felt them. This can draw in things you desire or things you do not desire depending on the vibrations of these thoughts and feelings and what it is you truly desire.  Instead of concerning yourself with clearing these vibrations if undesired, simply start now switching your awareness and focus on the thoughts and feelings you wish. The things you desire are truly only desired because you expect them to bring about a desired state of being. Focus your awareness first on this state of being.  Remember and awaken to the fact that all is truly within you and you can create that which you wish. You already are peace, joy, abundance and limitless.  Remember this in your heart and you will begin moving towards true freedom.  Thank you.