Believing is Seeing – A Channeled Message

We are here. Yes. Believe dear ones! That is the message we would like to impart in this moment. Belief is the cornerstone to all that you wish. You see what you want in the distance and believe it is over there, then there it will be. When you believe what you want is already where you are in your experience, before your senses let you know it is there, that is when you will experience it manifesting to you. This is tricky for humans as sometimes you think you are believing, when you really are focusing on the lack of the thing you wish to vibrate into existence. Everything around you is there by your perceptions, which are based on your beliefs. When what you believe changes then what you perceive changes. It is exactly the reverse of the saying on Earth, “seeing is believing”. When of course believing is what truly results in seeing. It will take deconditioning the belief systems you have carried for this life time and others but yes those digesting this message are doing so because they are vibrating in resonance and brought this into their purview. So, know that if you brought this message into your experience, you can now take it a step further and bring other experiences of resonance in to your experience. You must only believe. Believe and be open to receive. With love aloha.