A starseed is a human who has had past lives as a being on other planets or dimensions. Many races such as Arcturian, Pleiadian, Lyran, Sirian and Andromedean seem to be reincarnating now as Starseeds and Lightworkers. My understanding and channeled info I have received is that starseeds are incarnating on Earth at this time to assist with the raising of the vibration and healing of gaia as we transition into the 5D reality. Many starseeds don’t look like they do anything but live normal lives, yet just by the light they hold and transmit can heal people and the environment around them. If you are a starseed you may feel out of place at times here on Earth. You may feel you have big things to accomplish and an urgency to accomplish them even if you aren’t yet sure what they are. You have gifts you came here to give this world!
One of the best ways to determine if you are a starseed is to read about the different starseeds and personality traits and see if it resonates with you and creates an inner knowing. This inner knowing can start the awakening and remembering process. Many starseeds have had life experiences on a multitude of planets so you may see yourself in more than one set of beings. Repetitive numbers often recognized as angel numbers as well, can be coded awakenings for starseeds to wake up and remember. 11:11 is an especially prominent and potent one. Have you been seeing a lot of repetitive numbers recently?

Are you attracted to science fiction? Have you felt a lifelong sense of being different or not belonging? Are you very sensitive to the harsher energies of 3d constructs here on Earth? You are likely a starseed! More to come! 💕 👽