A Channeled Message – We are the energy of Archangel Jophiel and invite you to feel the energetics of this message as it unfolds.  We invite you to open your eyes, both inner and physical, to another level.  We invite you to see the beauty in all that is, both what humans label good and what is labeled right now as bad. In truth there is no good or bad, only perspectives that you work into your belief systems that then generally lead to feelings, emotions which produce vibrations and chemicals in the body which then have a direct effect on your physicality both your body and your reality and so the perception of the outer word. When you move toward seeing the beauty, true beauty in all that is, you then vibrate differently, have a different set of chemicals produced in your body and thus produce a different reality around you and even, yes, changes in your physical body.  Your perspective of beauty will bring more beauty in your awareness  to perceive.  This will create a cascading but upward, in essence, spiral.  You will find life easier and more joyous with this perspective.  This is why beauty is one of your abilities. To perceive beauty sets off a cascade of fortuitous events that lead to you seeing more of the truth of existence. The truth that all is Divine, there can be no other being, experience, even perceptions that are other than Divine.  All have the underlying of Divine at their core.  This is the beauty in all that is.  All comes from and leads back to Divine. Every experience, lifetime, every being originates from Divine, takes a journey experiencing separateness, polarity and moves back to Divine in a beautiful infinite cycle all encompassed in Love.  Your heart will understand the words and energies that it is meant to at this time. We thank you and appreciate the beauty that each of you are and that each of you carries within your self as the light that you vibrate.