We say “dear children” in our address, not because we see you as lesser in any way but we have and hold the unconditional love for you, that you can most easily understand as similar to that love a parent holds for a child.  We want the best for you at all times We love you no matter what you feel you are doing wrong, we are never judging you.  We wish to ease your struggles and help you release your fears so that you grow and soar as you were meant to in this world

We are a collective energies that is a bit difficult to explain as we experience them. They are not as separated nor linear as you experience them. So,we ask you to focus more on the messages than the who of who we are.  

Contemplation is called for on a regular basis in order to connect with the wisdom you carry within.  Your genes, DNA operates most fully when you hold the vibrations of love, peace, tranquility and joy.  Relax into these as often as you can.  Humans so often feel they are not doing enough when they go inward and relax instead of acting.  Yet this is the ultimate doing.  By relaxing, by living in faith, by finding the joy in yourself no matter what circumstances you see outside yourself, you are in actuality transforming at a cellular level and activating the DNA that is wanting to awaken and awaken you at this time.  Humans as a collective are coming online, so to speak.  This coming online, activating the potentialities in your DNA is done best and most rapidly by holding these states of love and joy, tranquility

So many feel this is too simple, too easy even to be relevant and powerful. Yet first we ask you, how easy is it truly for you to hold joy consistently?   You have doing, busyness and action mastered.  So many of you are so good at this that you are capable of running your bodies into depletion.  Yet, how often and for how long do you hold joy consistently?  We say this not to admonish, but simply to bring awareness.  For humans this is not as simple a task as it would seem.  This is why we wish to assist in this arena.  

Second, the simplicity of something does in no way diminish it’s impact.  Love everyone.  This sounds simple, but such a powerful impact that state has.  Such it is with holding the vibrations of peace, joy, love and tranquility.  The more often and the more consistently you can hold these vibrations, the more you are opening and activating the awakening already programmed, so to speak, in your DNA.  This will look on the outside like synchronicities, flow and aha moments of understanding at an integrated level the cosmic truths of love, oneness and purpose.  We thank you for your openness to this message both worded and energetic.  We thank you for the expansion you each bring about by your experiences on this plane.  We honor you. We love you.