The energetic portal of this numbered day has opened and is available to you all. Release your shackles of limiting beliefs, patterns and old stories you are still telling yourself, yet that are no longer serving. Your bodies are all accepting an unprecedented amount of Divine Love upgrading in the form of light body energetic integration. Please be gentle with yourselves during this process. Sometimes you may feel this in the physical body when the light comes across impediments in the form of limiting beliefs or old emotional stories and wounding that are no longer serving. This can feel uncomfortable emotionally and physically. Yet this is only to aid you in knowing where to place your awareness and where to intentionally send more Divine Love and light energy. It helps to stay in a receptive state during this process. The integration length will vary for each individual. Rest, meditation and clean water, above the normal routine, will assist with this process.

Please do not judge feelings, urges, thoughts, emotions or body processes that occur, especially at this time. Observe them, question them to see their roots, then shine Divine Love and compassion upon them. Heal yourselves with the connection of this energy by releasing in love that which no longer serves. Though this time may feel confusing and perhaps uncomfortable, it is indeed a gift, an opportunity and an upgrade in your energetic bodies and in your frequency and vibration. It is also a marker along your hero’s journey and you are almost past it. Times of more peace and ease are just ahead, times of increasing light, increasing Divine Love in Gaia, the collective and in you the individuals. Congratulations and thank you for co-creating this momentous time of upgrade and celebration on Gaia. With Love, Aloha.