Lisa Robinett

About Lisa Robinett

I am an intuitive reader, channel, multidimensional medium and spiritual teacher as well as an animal communicator, medical intuitive and quantum energy healer.

I help people to move through limiting beliefs, patterns and stuck emotions such as fear, doubt and lack of confidence in order to find and live a fulfilling life of joy that will ultimately lead to finding and living their soul’s life purpose.

If you are wanting to release that which has been holding you back and move forward into accelerated spiritual growth, your life’s purpose and a joyful life, my services are for you.

I communicate telepathically and intuitively with animals in order to help facilitate smoother living between you and your animals. Understanding your animal can give valuable perspective into why certain behaviors may be occurring and how to help your animal live the happiest life possible, which can in turn help the household run smoother!

I also channel messages from Divine energies and regularly post these on my YouTube channel Lisa Robinett YouTube or in my facebook group Living in Joy in order to spread the message of Divine Love an to aid in the raising of the individual and collective vibrations of the Earth.

I am a recommended and Certified Intuitive Reader through the Lightworkers Lab, with additional training and certification in Akashic Records Readings and mediumship, and I am a Certified Medical Intuitive through the Deborah King Medical Intuitive intensive program.  

In my down time I love playing on the beach with my dog, hiking and photography. I also am an avid dog sport enthusiast, having participated in agility, nosework and invasive species detection training. Learning truly is a passion of mine and I am always reading, studying and and honing my spiritual skills and other interests. I also truly enjoy people and connecting with them, learning their stories and supporting and growing with one another.